Marymount Academy International’s STEP Resource Centre

The STEP Resource Centre at Marymount is a unique space designed to provide enrichment and resource support to the Marymount student community. Ms. Blumer is our experienced resource teacher. She has experience working with students who have an Individual Education Plan, as well as having a vast knowledge working with various assistive technologies.

The STEP Room has many functions:

  • It coordinates with teachers to provide students with additional resources and attention during the school day on a per-period basis. Students can be occasionally or regularly scheduled to visit the STEP room when they are having difficulties and need more one-on-one help with their schoolwork.

  • It provides a place for enrichment and project-based learning. Students wishing to complete research projects have the use of several computers, updated software, and assistive technology programs as well as an onsite printer. All internet use is screened by both the EMSB web-filter and the STEP staff. Students using the computers outside of class time are permitted to use e-mail, watch educational videos and collaborate via Google.

  • It is open to students after school for the Homework Program. Staff members are always present as students work to complete assignments and readings, explore the internet in accordance with their task-based needs, study and hang out in a safe, supervised, atmosphere. Students who need a sympathetic ear can always find one and all staff members are skilled at conflict resolution. Students having issues with peers usually find them easily resolved if they approach the STEP staff.

  • Our coordinator is always available to parents who have questions regarding the functions of the STEP resource center. She can be reached at (514) 488-8144.