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  • MMA Student Profile: Sophia Nathaniel

    What do you like about being a student at Marymount?
    I like the atmosphere in the school. I like how there’s no “popular kids” and lots of different groups. We are one big community that feels like one big family! I also appreciate the fact that the teachers are so committed to you and how they want us all to succeed. They all give us a lot of resources to help us in our learning..

    What’s your favorite club/activity at Marymount?
    I am a Leadership student and I have been part of this group since Sec 1. Whether it’s helping out around the school or helping out around the community, Leadership is like a second family to me. It’s a very loving group that is very in touch with the goals and values of students and the school community. We help with things like parent teacher interviews and other school-wide activities, and we are always there to help when students or staff members need it. Leadership also helps you gain skills while completing your community service hours. If you decide to come to Marymount Academy, the Leadership program would love to have you!

    What’s unique about being a grade 9 student?
    I would have to say that you’re not a junior anymore, but also not really a senior—you’re sort of in the middle. This in my opinion is the best time to find yourself and discover your future. You can decide to just go for it or take your time to think about it for a little while longer. Being in grade 9 gave me the opportunity to become closer to my teachers and to make better friends. I also love my subjects because we now do a lot more projects that are challenging and fun at the same time. In grade 9 there is so much out there for you—clubs, academics—Just know that there’s always help too!.

  • MMA Student Profile: Charles Mensah

    What’s unique about being a grade 8 student at Marymount?
    What’s unique is that you start to get used to things in the school, like the teachers and how the school runs. I feel more comfortable and enjoy being there more. I have more opportunities to join clubs and to enjoy more field trips. It’s also nice to help out the sec 1 students and to compare yourself to how you were in Sec 1, and see how much you have changed.

    What do you love about being a Marymount student?
    I love that you feel like you’re part of something big and fun there, because there’s so much to do! You also have so many ways to succeed at school, because there are so many programs and people available to help you, like teacher tutorials, STEP program and homework club. We also have a lot of clubs and activities that we can do in the morning, at lunch or after school.

    What are you looking forward to in the years to come at Marymount?
    I am looking forward to all the trips we can go on, and learning about what I’m interested in, and helping others succeed. I’m also looking forward to making more friends and getting to know more teachers in the school. I’m hoping to also join more clubs and be a more active member of the school.

  • MMA Student Profile: Aqsa Hussin

    What’s unique about being a grade 8 student at Marymount?
    You get to explore and experience new things and make new friends here! You get along with all the teachers and all the students, even younger and older ones. You truly enjoy your time at school because the adults are all so kind and caring and the subjects are all taught in an interesting way. I always feel like I learned something new at school all while having fun. Never a boring day at MMA!.

    What do you love about being a Marymount student?
    I love being with my friends and learning together, You get to communicate with everyone and participate in so many different school activities, both in and out of the classroom. I love how I can really help out in the school, like working with younger students, doing community service, going on field trips, etc. I am in Leadership too, so we always go to meetings and help out with activities like Share the Warmth, volunteering at elementary schools, and helping out with lots of other school activities like open house and parent teacher interviews. It’s nice to be in such an active school.

    What are you looking forward to in the years to come at Marymount?
    I am looking forward to learning a lot of new, awesome and exciting things in all the subjects! I’m also looking forward to all the field trips coming up, and all the extra activities our school has planned for every level. Every year at Marymount has something special, and I’m looking forward to experiencing all of it while discovering what I’m destined to be in the future.

  • MMA Student Profile: Makayla Tefian

    Why did you choose Marymount as your high school?
    I chose Marymount as my high school because of the STEP program and the school’s location. The STEP teachers and staff are all really nice and friendly and always want to help me with my homework and class assignments. I can always get one-on-one help and catch up on anything that I missed or didn’t understand well. It’s a great school because everyone always wants the best for me. Also, the school’s location makes it very easy for me to get to school, since it’s right next to a Metro station and right by major roads and bus routes.

    What do you like best about Marymount?
    The best part of Marymount is all the extra-curricular activities, like sports and clubs and programs. We have 14 sport teams, 3 leadership groups/councils and a great games room. I also like the art and the music programs. I am looking forward to joining some and having new experiences as the year passes!

    Describe your relationship with the senior students.
    Even though I don’t know any of the seniors personally, they are always really friendly, very smart and engaged in the school. They always say hello in the hall, and are always running around doing something with student council, leadership, sports or another club. They are always available to help you and immediately make you feel like you are just as important at Marymount as they are. I think we have amazing seniors here!

  • MMA Student Profile: Keith Acker

    What do you like about being a student at Marymount?
    I like all the teachers and how they operate. They all teach in a way that makes it easy for us to learn, such as by bringing in new activities and new assignments that help us focus and engage with our learning. We all do well and stay on task, while having fun at the same time. Each classroom is decorated differently and the seating is always unique. Also, all our teachers excel in their fields and are very passionate about their subjects. I’m looking forward to learning more from the rest of them into my senior years!

    What’s your favorite club/activity at Marymount?
    My favorite part of Marymount is the various sports offered to us, like basketball and hockey, since those two are my favorites. Sometimes the teachers even play the sports with or against us, making it new, interesting and challenging to play the game. Some of the teachers who play are even coaches here, so they know the game and always give us little tips and tricks to help better us. We have so many teams and free sports every morning and during lunch time. We even have a weight training room.

    Describe your relationship with the senior students.
    Grade 9 is a transition year for all in it. Work starts to get harder and you have to start taking on more responsibility at school and in life. Some of us have to get a job, and all of us get more homework. This makes is learn how to juggle many things at once and slowly gain responsibility and maturity. That said, the teachers and staff members here are so caring and understanding that they make our “growing up” easier. They’re always there to help you, support you, encourage you, but mostly believe in you. It helps make a difficult year seem not so difficult after all.

  • MMA Student Profile: Mohamed Ilyes Boutarfaya

    Why did you choose Marymount Academy as your high school?
    I chose Marymount because it looked like a very good school. I liked how the programs were set up, and at Open House night, all the students seemed very excited and enthusiastic about their school and all of the programs. I decided to go here because I wanted that experience too.

    What do you like best about Marymount?
    The thing I like best about Marymount is all the clubs they offer. If it’s an academic club, a social club, or a sports club, everyone will always make you feel super welcome and you’ll make new friends. We have new opportunities that challenge us to be the best you can be all the time. It’s such a positive environment that makes learning more enjoyable for all the students.

    Describe your relationship with the senior students.
    The seniors are always very excited about something going on in the school, like student council elections, parent teacher interviews, Terry Fox run, Remembrance Day, Halloween, fundraising, etc. They’re very funny with how excited they are, but I think it’s because they’re so engaged with the school and all of the activities. They’re very inspirational to all us younger students and really like helping us. They are always available to answer questions or to show us something that we may need. I can’t wait to be a senior like them!

  • MMA Student Profile: Malakai Whittaker

    How might you call Marymount your second home?
    I definitely call Marymount a second home, mostly because I come here every day, but also because of all the people I’ve met over the years and all the relationships I’ve built here. I don’t mean to brag, I think I’m pretty popular, but it’s easy to see that the friendships I have with students and the rapport I have with teachers will last a lifetime. This amazing school helps us all build those relationships—that’s why it’s like a second home.

    What’s your favorite part of Marymount?
    My favorite part of Marymount is being on the basketball team. I’ve played on the team since Grade 7, and I’ve come a long way since then, athletically, academically, and socially. Being on the team encourages us to respect the game, our teammates, and our school. If you respect the game, you’ll gain more skills and athleticism. If you respect your teammates, you’ll build those relationships and those lifelong friendships. And if you respect your school, you’ll realize that if you don’t get good grades, you won’t play ball. I’ve done all three, and basketball has been a huge inspiration for me because of that, which is why it’s my favorite part of Marymount.  I’m forever grateful for it!

    What are you looking forward to in Grade 11
    Most of all, I’m looking forward to my personal project. I haven’t really thought it through too much—Grade 10 is busy—but I want it to be something big, involving the whole school. Maybe I’ll do something to do with sports, or maybe something on parent teacher interview night, I’m not sure. But like I said, it’s going to be big. I’m excited to also go on the Grad trip, to be part of prom and to walk the stage at convocation.

  • MMA Student Profile: Rafaella Carvalho, Secondary 5 Student

    How has Marymount prepared you for the future?
    As an International student in Grade 11, I feel like my last 2 years at Marymount Academy have really improved my English. I have received a lot help from all of my teachers. They helped me succeed and feel ready for CEGEP. I mostly received the help through teacher tutorials and meeting with classmates for group work. Marymount always made me feel valued and accepted, which helped me develop my self-esteem and allowed me to feel like I’m ready for adulthood.

    If you could go back to your grade 7 self, what advice would you offer?
    I would have loved doing all of my high school at Marymount. Even if I didn’t have that opportunity, I can still tell all grade 7 students that high school is an important part of growing up. I would tell them to not be afraid to put themselves out there and try new things. Don’t let fear stop you from having great experiences.

    What will you miss most when you leave Marymount?
    Marymount has really changed my perspective on life. It made me realize how amazing the world is and how no matter where we live, we all deal with the same things. I will really miss all of the friends that I made, especially the girls from my volleyball team. I will really miss the teachers because I felt welcomed with open arms by everyone. I will miss seeing them every day and laughing with them. I hope I will be able to come back to visit soon!

  • MMA Student Profile: Daham Hetiarachchi, Secondary 5 Student

    How has Marymount prepared you for the future?
    Marymount has given me a wider perspective on different topics ranging from college preparation to post-secondary life. Overall, I feel I have learned about and gained the vital skills and experiences that are derived from teamwork. This is due to the fact that I played a team sport for the first time, when I took part in the outdoor soccer team. Apart from this, a special breed of teachers exist at our school; these are the type of teachers that stay behind after school to help us with certain chapters that we need help with or concepts that we didn’t grasp at once. In conclusion, I feel that I have been completely equipped and prepared for life after high school in all angles. Since we at Marymount learn outside the classroom as well.

    If you could go back to your grade 7 self, what advice would you offer?
    I would mainly advise myself to enjoy every minute and to use this year to truly understand myself in relation to the major aspects of school life. I would also remind myself to even out the time used for work and play since this balance is vital for overall performance in all aspects. Apart from this, I would tell myself to stick to a specific study time every day so that pre exam stress will be nonexistent from the beginning of academic life and be nonexistent thereon.

    What will you miss most when you leave Marymount?
    In short, I would just miss not being there. I would miss the overall experience that I received every day at school, in relation to the teachers, the methods of teaching used, and the people I interacted with, the feeling of belonging in a group of people such as my classmates. Apart from this, I would miss the fact that I would have such a drastic change of scene in the transition between high school and college.

  • MMA Student Profile: Sydney Pagliuca, Secondary 5 Student

    How has Marymount prepared you for the future?
    Marymount has made sure that I won’t be walking out of high school blind. I have been told what all of my options are after high school. We take entrepreneurship and finance classes that have helped me further my success and knowledge in business. Marymount’s helped me learn the requirements for CEGEP and trade school, and because of that, I believe I’m ready.

    If you could go back to your grade 7 self, what advice would you offer?
    I would tell myself to really enjoy my time in high school and to appreciate every moment because the years will go by extremely fast. Before you know it you’re almost ready to be shipped out into the real world. I would also tell myself to focus more on my marks, that I won’t regret working hard, and I’ll thank myself for putting in the extra work.

    What will you miss when you leave Marymount?
    I will really miss the people and the atmosphere the classroom has. It will be sad not to see the same familiar faces anymore, and not having a community to fall back on when you’re not having the best day. Missing the feeling of familiarity and the feeling of belonging. Knowing that I’ll never be able to relive my experiences will be tough, but I’ll still have the memories.

  • MMA Student Profile: Devon Haseltine, Secondary 4 Student

    How is grade 10 different from the other grades?
    First of all, there’s more of an emphasis on the math and sciences. Unlike previous grades, the students are grouped together according to their performance, and that makes for environments that are conducive to learning. I also feel that students are more mature, can connect with teachers, and you really start to feel like this is your own school. You form your own identity and start planning for the future.

    What do you plan to do later on in life?
    I haven’t really decided just yet, but I know I want to go to CEGEP and university. I think I would like to be a statistician, but I’m also very well-rounded and good at different subjects. I can be whatever I choose to be, and I have a lot of options that I probably haven’t discovered. Marymount has helped me realize this about myself. Only time will tell what the future holds.

    How has Marymount impacted your life?
    Coming into sec 1, I always labelled as the nerdy kid. I was socially-awkward and wasn’t athletic in the slightest, but as I got through high school I started to make more friends and gain self-confidence. I started going to the gym and working hard, and I really feel that my character has developed immensely at Marymount. Thanks to my teachers, friends, and administration, I have learned a lot of life lessons and I firmly believe that being a Marymount student has helped pave the way for my future success.

  • MMA Student Profile: Miruna Gabriela Ionita-Radu, Secondary 4 Student

    How is grade 10 different from the other grades?
    I feel that in grade 10 you start to gain a lot of independence. It’s that time of your life where you’re out and trying to put in your best effort. There are a lot of times where you find yourself thinking you’re not really giving it your all, and that it’s hard to do that, but I personally am better at working under pressure. When I’m under pressure, I know I have to give my best. Everyone is telling you about how important things are getting, and you gain a sense of responsibility. It’s not a bad thing, it’s what helps you grow into a better person.

    What do you plan to do later on in life?
    I would really like to work in the field of graphic design, and I know it’s totally unrelated, but I would also like to be a private investigator. I’ve been changing my mind a lot as of last year; I started wanting to be a psychologist, and my mindset has changed a lot. I’m still into my past preferences, but now I’m thinking differently. My mother always told me that I would only ever be happy if I do what I love in the future, and she wasn’t willing to pressure me into doing something I wasn’t comfortable with.

    How has Marymount impacted your life?
    I was used to the whole idea of always changing schools because I’ve traveled a lot, so I wasn’t nervous about coming to Marymount. I did have some high expectations of this school when I arrived, and the school has surpassed them. I didn’t think I would fit in, but I did and I’m thankful for that. I’ve learned a lot through not just my classes, but my experiences too. I think coming here has made me a more optimistic person in general, and has opened my eyes to trying new things.

  • MMA Student Profile: Jaydah Greer, Secondary 3 Student

    Why do you enjoy being a student at Marymount Academy?
    I love being a Marymount student because I love the good friendships that I’ve built and the activities that I participate in. I am so happy to be part of leadership and to help out around the school during our events. My favorite activity so far this year has been Halloween Day. I loved visiting the 5 stations, especially the haunted house. It was such a fun afternoon with my teachers and friends.

    What’s your favorite subject and why?
    This is my first year at Marymount Academy and my favorite subject is English. I like doing the group work and getting to read in class. There are a lot of good books to read in class and in the library.

    What’s your message to your fellow classmates? You need to believe in yourself! If you believe in yourself, you can do anything. I think we all need help sometimes, and you should feel like you can always turn to someone for help.

  • MMA Student Profile: Iman Khokhar, Secondary 3 Student

    Why do you enjoy being a student at Marymount Academy?
    I enjoy being a Marymount student because of the community. There are always resource teachers who are available to help me. They have been there for me for every year I have been at Marymount. I’ve been here for 3 years!

    What’s your favorite subject and why?
    My favourite subject is Science because of the labs. It is a very hands-on class. I like to learn how things work, and learning about everything fits together is one of the best parts for me. The lab technician Nigel is awesome too!

    What’s your message to your fellow classmates?
    Don’t let people put you down. Keep your head up! Make sure you join activities so you can make friends. There is always someone around to listen to you. And make sure to smile!

  • MMA Student Profile: Emma Quintana, Secondary 2 Student

    What is your favorite subject in Grade 8 and why?
    My favourite subject in grade 8 is Art because I really enjoy drawing and painting. I also want to learn different techniques in art to improve my own. I want to be very artistic like my father who does special effects for movies. Even though I’m not good at painting I want to try and improve that here. I also enjoy art because it’s not something that’s right or wrong or very simple to do, it’s a change and I want to get out of my comfort zone.

    What do you like about being a Marymount Academy student?
    I like being a Marymount Academy student because I feel included in after school activities. I also feel that the teachers really care about our education and help us when we are struggling. I also like the field trips, they haven’t disappointed me at all.

    How is the relationship between the juniors and seniors a positive one?
    I really enjoy participating in activities that include the entire school like the welcome back BBQ and Halloween activities. It gives me the chance to get to know the seniors and to have fun with them. They are all very kind and always helpful around the school. They are always organizing so many events for all of us and it makes our time at school a lot more enjoyable.

  • MMA Student Profile: Jason Heurter, Secondary 2 Student

    What is your favorite subject in Grade 8 and why?
    ELA is probably my favourite subject because a lot of my friends are there to help me as well as my wonderful teacher who hasn’t given up on me.I know I’m a pain but she gives me a lot of support to better myself and gives me chances to prove myself. Never would I think of not meeting up to Ms. Soullelis’s expectations!

    What do you like about being a Marymount Academy student?
    I love Marymount academy because of the kind and respectful students. They are very welcoming and respectful towards everyone and everyone likes to help. It’s a great cycle that goes around and never stops going around. When I first came to the school with the others they were really easy to be friends with!

    How is the relationship between the juniors and seniors a positive one?
    The seniors are very helpful towards the juniors because they understand the position they are in and do what they would have liked to have when they were juniors. For example, showing juniors around the school if they are lost. This is a never ending cycle that Marymount academy has! Eventually I’ll be the one helping the juniors.

  • MMA Student Profile: Triantafilia Nikitara, Allongée Student

    What do you like about being in ‘Allongée’?
    We are privileged because we get breaks, heaving the time to breathe and think about what we learned in class. We get a lot of resource help, and there is always someone around to ask or reach out to if we need it. I like our teacher Ms. Alatassi, she’s very helpful and kind!

    What do you like about being a Marymount Student?
    Our uniforms show us that we’re like a family, that we’re the same and we’re different at the same time. I also really enjoy the outings and activities that we have because we get to have some education from outside of the school too. I really like the dress down days too because that gives a chance to raise money for charities in need. The teachers are all kind and patient and helpful, and I wouldn’t have got as far I did without their help. Thank you!

  • MMA Student Profile: Shevon Bascombe Ferguson, Allongée Student


    What do you like about being in ‘Allongée’?
    It’s so hands-on in allongée, and it’s really interactive. Everything about the classroom, from the seating to the decorations and the teacher, helps keep my mind awake and active. I love our flexible schedule and the resource help that is offered to us. It’s good to know that that will always be available to us while we are at school, and I’ll always be thankful for that.

    What do you like about being a Marymount Student?
    I really like my teachers at Marymount. They help me with everything, whether I need help with my homework or just need a snack. I also really enjoy being with my classmates in allongée. We ’re a small group there, and that makes us all close with one another and really good friends because of that. I also like going to the gym to play sport and stay active, it’s really fun. I also love the games toom, where we get to hang out with friends, and play stuff like video games, air hockey, ping pong, and foosball.

  • Marymount's Field Inauguration

    On October 3rd, an extremely anticipated inauguration of the Marymount field was held on a brisk yet warm autumn day. This celebration lived up to its expectations with a Felix and Norton Cookie Truck, coverage by CTV, and a visit from professional soccer player and former Head Coach of the Montreal Impact, Mauro Biello. The field has been named after Biello, a former student who was honored at the event. Marymount's home soccer team showed off the field in the best possible way by playing on their turf, supported by Biello, one of their biggest soccer idols.

    CTV News Montreal
  • Marymount to offer entrepreneurship course, needs food truck

    Coming this fall Marymount Academy International, located on Côte St-Luc Rd. just east of Decarie Blvd., will be offering students a new class in the 2015-2016 school year called "Entrepreneur, Vision and The Community"

    Article in the Westmount Independent Learn More about the Program
  • Marymount Academy International Hosted CTV's Spirit Of Giving 2014

    December was a very busy month of giving and helping the needy in Montreal. MMA was front and center as the depot for receiving boxes of food, toiletries, toys and clothes. 9 organizations were counting on the citizens of Montreal to give so they could help those less fortunate in our city! it was unreal! MMA sorted and boxed 1305 boxes which was a CTV Spirit of Giving record!! Check out the news clip from this great event!!

    CTV Spirit of Giving - Marymount International
  • Marymount Academy Hosts Isolation Red Carpet Gala

    Marymount Academy International played host to the Isolation Red Carpet Gala. Isolation, a bilingual web series is the brain child of Lauriane Smolla, french teacher at Marymount Academy International. A 4 part web series based on students of MMA who have to deal with being stuck in the school, and have to figure out how to get along to be able to get out safely. It was a great celebration of hard work and creativity at it's best!!! The series will be on line shortly. Bravo!!

    Click to Watch Click for Press Release
  • MMA Top Teen Chef In The News

    Marymount Academy International has it's own Top Teen Chef in Santiago Delgado. Soon to be a Youtube hit with 5 episodes, Santiago, with the help of renowned Montreal chefs is making great food happen. Check out the Montreal Times Edition and video teaser.

    Read the Article Watch the Video
  • Marymount Student Awarded the Horatio Alger Rt. Hon. Brian Mulroney Quebec Scholarship

    Marymount Academy International is proud to announce that Manisha Khan has been awarded a 5,000.00 Horatio Alger Rt. Hon. Brian Mulroney Quebec Scholarship.

    Press Release 2014-03-13
  • Speak Up Montreal! Poetry Slam at Marymount Academy

    This event was organized by Marymount student, Nayem Alam as his International Baccalaureate (IB) personal project. All IB students must complete a personal project in order to meet the requirements of the IB program.

    CTV News Montreal Global News Montreal
  • Marymount High School Lends a Helping Hand

    Marymount International Baccalaureate students share the love with the needy on Valentine's Day.

    Article by Sharman Yarnell in the Montreal Times 2014-02-21
  • Marymount Students Deliver Love to the Homeless!

    While everyone else will be out celebrating a day of love with chocolate and flowers, Marymount IB students will be cooking up a storm in the school kitchen and then...taking the meals out to those less fortunate.

    Press Release 2014-02-08
  • Marymount Academy students show true holiday spirit

    Although they are young, the students at Marymount Academy understand the meaning of true holiday spirit. For the second year in a row, the students have organized their very own toy fund collection for Sun Youth.

    The Suburban 2013-12-24
  • Spotlight on Marymount

    Spotlight on Marymount - December 2013
    Spotlight on Marymount - November 2013
  • Marymount Academy Celebrates We Day

    In a high energy, inspiring day of empowerment, Members of the IB Council and Student Council were part of 2000 students who listened to words of encouragement to make a difference, to be that change wherever they are in the world. They learned that each and every one of them can make a difference. - Especially if they join together in doing so.

    Press Release 2013-11-25
  • Shekinah: The Intimate Life of Hasidic Women moves Marymount students

    On October 24, 19 students, along with their vice-principal, Dina Vourdousis and two teachers, hopped on public transit and headed off to the Outremont Theatre to see the film, Shekinah: The Intimate Life of Hasidic Women, to learn more about a religious group that, up until now, lived quietly amongst us.

    Press Release 2013-10-24
  • Marymount Academy Says Thank You To Our Local Police

    Here’s a recap letter of our visit to our Local Police Station 11, Friday, Sept 20th with a picture from the afternoon. Dear Mr. Rousseau, Ms. Cote and all the wonderful police men and women, Thank you for your warm welcome at the police station, the students couldn’t stop speaking about how glad they were to have met you and upon return there were others who expressed their disappointment that we did not take them along.

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  • Marymount Academy Reads - Another Marymount Tradition

    It’s a tradition at Marymount Academy! A literacy initiative heading into its third year. Marymount Academy Reads is a program designed to instill within the Marymount student body a love of reading, not only of books in the school curriculum but also to encourage students to pick up a book at home and read just for the love of reading, learning and engaging their imaginations.

    Read Article 2013-09-30
  • Interfaith Eco-Action - Students and Faith Groups Unite for a Day of Action

    Marymount Academy, part of the English Montreal School Board, will host this year’s event. Marymount students showcase Canada’s multiculturalism through their rich ethnic and religious diversity. Marymount became the first English school in the province of Quebec to receive the title of being a Brundtland Green Schools, in recognition of their commitment to environmental issues.

    Press Release - 2013-05-20
  • Marymount and Royal Vale honoured for anti-bullying awareness

    High school students from Marymount and Royal Vale were honoured on May 29 for their commitment to end bullying, each earning a certificate indicating the completion of the Canadian Red Cross’ Beyond The Hurt program

    Montreal Free Press 2013-06-11